An Eventful Twelve Months

This past twelve months I have spent a lot of time travelling throughout this magnificent country! So many things to see in this amazing, vast, rugged but beautiful land. It is impossible not to be inspired! I have sketch books full of drawings, lots of watercolour studies and hundreds of photographs! I am just starting to focus and combine some of my wonderful reference material, with my imagination and hopefully produce some new works on paper and canvas in the studio.

I have settled into my new home and studio and I am looking forward to exhibiting in two major Exhibitions in the coming months. Firstly, The Watercolour Society of WA inc will be holding their annual Exhibition on the 10th – 13th October, 2013 closely followed by an Exhibition by the RAAFA Meadow Springs Art Group on 22nd – 24th November.

I was also extremely honoured to be contacted by the International Selection Committee to participate in the IX Edition 2013 Florence Biennale, in Florence, Italy. The Selectors had viewed work on my website and this prompted them to offer me an invitation! Unfortunately, because of all my recent travels, I did not have a body of new work that would have been suitable for such a venture, however, I am hoping that I might be considered for the X Edition 2015 Exhibition!

At this point I would like to thank my website designer, Dameon Jamie for his expertise and his incredible patience!!

Karen Barnes

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